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2020-09-08 Zhongyuan Machinery

Zhongyuan Machinery Equipment Co, Ltd is a professional company specializing in the production and manufacture of lead pelletizing machine; the main products are double lead ingot cold cutting machine of model MZSQ and cross-cutting cold cutting machine of model HQLJ.

The company has a number of experienced mechanical engineers and a number of first- class electronic engineers and several senior technicians.

Because of single-mindedness, it is so professional.

With its unique principle of double lead ingot cutting at the same time, scientific design and exquisite manufacturing, the double lead ingot cold cutting machine of the company is the most oower-saving, the most stable and the most efficient equipment in the same kind of products. It's a veritable"fighter in lead pelletizing machine.

At present, the company has successfully launched the cross-cutting lead pelletizin machine which will be favored by the majority of users with its hourly output of 8 tons, 30kw lo power and less than 5% of the particles.

Listening to clients opinions;

Laying stress on details of products;

Regarding clients as our guides;

To cast.'s bright future with special quality;

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