Separator for lead-acid batteries

2020-09-11 Separator Technology (Bengbu) Co., Ltd.

Company NameSeparator Technology (Bengbu) Co., Ltd.

Product Separator  for lead-acid batteries

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Separator Technology (Bengbu) Co., Ltd. specializes in high quality separator solutions for lead-acid batteries.

The company has obtained ISO9001 System and ISO14001 System certification from SGS, adopting the most advanced international equipment and the technology with independent intellectual property rights.

Its new generation of battery separators has the advantages of ultra-high porosity ultra-low electrical resistance, higher puncture resistance and higher oxidation resistance, which can meet the technical requirements of different types of batteries such as SLI, start-stop, forklift, golf and Gelled applications. The higher performance separator can signficantly help customer improve battery performance and reduce the manufacturing cost as well.

Separator (Bengbu) in accordance with the philosophy of “Superior materials, originated from craftsmans' spirit”, constantly improving its value to increase customer’s value and looking forward to working with you to achieve continue innovation and win-win together! 

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